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Restorative Dentistry on Teeth and Implants

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Implants and Complex Surgical Procedures

Teeth Preservation Treatments

Dental Hygiene

Nitrous (laughing gas

Dedicated and Personal Care

Dr. Jaron Blasbalg is known for the dedicated, patient and personal care he gives his patients. Thanks to his great reputation, patients who have experienced trauma or unpleasant treatment in the past flock to the clinic from all over the country. Dr. Blasbalg has many happy patients who recommend him to family, friends and colleagues. On account of the great results achieved in their care- attaining back proper oral function and a pleasing, aesthetic appearance- many patients spread word of the clinic.

Dr. Blasbalg makes sure to give each patient a professional and honest explanation of the treatment, constructing a personalized plan which includes price estimates. Dr. Blasbalg only acts within his expertise, prosthodontics, but he’s also responsible for the treatment plan and the communication with other experts. He collaborates with experts of other dental specialties to provide a genuine, thorough and high-quality appropriate solution to each patient’s unique needs. This approach is known as “Multidisciplinary Care”, where every doctor only operates within their specialty and together, as a team, the best treatment is formed.

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What sets apart the prosthodontist from the general dentist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who after attaining his degree in dentistry, following roughly 6 years of education, goes through extensive professional training for another 4.5 years. The prosthodontist is recognized for his expertise among dentists due to this rigorous training. The prosthodontist has learned to look at each case from different angles, based on numerous articles and professional discussions with the world’s leading experts.

Having a thorough understanding of the chewing process and the mouth cavity as a complex system, a prosthodontist does a variety of dental procedures. Leaning back on the clinical experience obtained during training and practical work, prosthodontists also make sure to keep updated on dental innovations through professional literature and conferences.

A prosthodontist restores and improves oral function and aesthetic appearance. That includes simple procedures like fillings, crowns, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, as well as more complex procedures, including: bridgework, dental wear and staining from cigarettes. 

In fact, a prosthodontist is the highest authority to lead patient care; the one to draw and fit the treatment plan to the patient and the person responsible to instruct fellow specialists who will partake in the treatment in order to enable its best execution.

The Prosthodontic Internship Program

A specialization in oral rehabilitation, also called prosthodontics, is attained through theoretical and practical training in the academic establishments recognized by the IMA’s Science Council and the Israeli Health Ministry. During the program the intern obtains interdisciplinary training even in parallel specialties like periodontology, orthodontics and surgery. After completing training, the intern must pass two exams. Successfully passing the tests will earn the intern the title of a prosthodontist.


Dr. Jaron Blasbalg offers the public various treatments, all in one clinic.
As a prosthodontist, he does the following dental procedures

Dental implants

Crowns/bridges on natural teeth

Crowns/bridges on dental implants

Full jaw reconstruction on dental implants

Porcelain veneers

Zirconia and E-max crowns


Occlusal equilibration

Teeth whitening

Removable partial-dentures on dental implants

Rehabilitation from complex materials

Immediate dental implant placement

Dental aesthetic

Sedation with laughing gas

Dental hygiene

Teeth wear treatment

Our Team

Sarit Shani- R.D.H

A Certified Dental Hygienist
Graduate of Hadassa Ein Kerem School of Dental Medicine (1990), where she also served as an instructor later on.

Dr. Victoria Glinkin- D.M.D

Graduated from Tel Aviv University, where she now teaches in the Oral Rehabilitation Department.

Gilat Berkman

Office manager

Julia Vilokov

Dental nurse

Olga Shlomo Shwarz

Dental nurse

Mor Oren

Dr. Jaron Blasbalg